Water saving tips

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Reading meter numbers

You can read off your own water use on the water meter. Keeping track of how much water you consume every month can help you save water. 


Don’t run a tap unnecessarily, e.g. when brushing teeth, shaving or washing hands. Always repair a leaking tap; all these drips together can quickly add up to 1500 litres of water per year.

Half-flush button

Use a half-flush button on the toilet cistern and use a water-saving shower head.

By using water-saving appliances, you can reduce your water consumption by 30%, from an average of 126 litres per person per day to less than 90 litres per day.

Washing machine and dishwasher

Only run your washing machine fully loaded. Washing machines are major water and energy users. By being aware of the use of this type of equipment, you will save on both water and energy.

An ‘eco’ washing machine or dishwasher will significantly reduce your annual energy and water use. A-labelled machines use the least energy.

Washing your car

When washing your car you can save three quarters of the water if you use buckets rather than a garden hose. This is one way to save more than 100 litres of water per wash.

Careful use of hot water

Reducing the amounts of hot water you use also means reducing the energy needed to produce hot water. Only use hot water when really needed. Many household chores can be completed with cold water.

Showering instead of taking a bath

Taking a bath is expensive: the water and energy use for a full bath is equivalent to 18 minutes in the shower. The average duration of a shower is about six minutes, so three times cheaper than taking a bath. You will quickly save € 80 per year. You can also find ECO-showers that also lower the water consumption of a shower.

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