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The term "Readings" describe the value of the various radio meters collected through SGW (Statis GateWay).
The SGW is installed in the property and transmits readings each weeks to the ista servers.

This means that the readings are not available in real time, but after a certain delay.

There are 2 ways to get reading using ista-services API

EndPointHttp VerbDescription

Readings by Consumption unit for a given period:


Readings by Device for a given period

Article number is usually a 5 digit number such as 11490 for a Heat Cost Allocator

Serial number is usually a 9 digit number
EndDate is not mandatory (default to current date)

In both case the result will render with the following format:

    "propertyUUId": "2eff1042c50c1eda8123451573e3c194c", <== Property Identifier
    "consUnitUUId": "a9456789eb1574917a009fd3a0d1bb699", <== ConsUnit Identifier
    "count": 1208, <== Count of reading (below)
    "readings": [
            "articleNumber": 11490, <== Article Number
            "serialNumber": 717116957, <== Article Number
            "date": "2023-02-03", <== Reading date
            "value": 14394.000, <== Reading value 
            "unit": "-" <== Reading value unit (*1)
            "articleNumber": 11490,
            "serialNumber": 717116957,
            "date": "2023-02-02",
            "value": 14376.000,
            "unit": "-"


(*1) The unit describe unit in which the device is displaying value. It could be eithrer

  • "-" (Minus sign) for Heat Cost Allocator as there is not unit linked to this kind of device
  • "m3": cubic meter for Water meter (hot or cold)
  • "kWh" or "MWh": for heat meters
    (Usually "kWh" for dwelllings installed devices, "MWh" is more dedicated to boiler room, but this is not a rule)

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