Property Structure / Tenants / Devices

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Property Structure

The property structure represent the "static" part of a property
At ista we are using the following nomenclature

PropertyBuilding or group of building (usually having a common boiler ) for which ista is performing billing.Co-PropriétéGebouw (Mede-eigendom)
EntranceA property can have one or more entrances.

Immeuble,  EntréeIngang
Consumption Unit
(Abbreviation: ConsUnit)
Each entrance can have one or more consunit.

Unité de consommation
Verbruikseenheid (appartement)
DwellingsSame as consunit but excluding common spaces and boiler roomAppartement Appartement
AdministratorThe company (usually a Syndic) who is administrating the Entrance for the CoOwnerAssociationGérantBeheerder gebouw
Co-Owner Association

Association de CoPropriétaires
Vereniging van mede-eigenaars (VME)

The base url for WebAPI is the following: (ALPHA)


The request header must contain the following rows:

Authorization"Bearer "+<Token receive by authentication API>
See Authentication
istaAdministratorIdsList of ista Administrators Id (separated by ";" ) receive during registration process
See also Authentication

Here is the list of endpoints

/PropertiesGETRetrieve all properties the provided list of administrators (istaAdministratorIds) is allowed to access.
/Property/<PropertyUUId>GETRetrieve a particular property
/Property/<PropertyUUId>/EntrancesGETRetrieve entrances for a particular property
/Property/<PropertyUUId>/Entrances/<EntranceUUId>/ConsUnitsGETRetrieve consunits for a particular entrance



EndPointHttp VerbDescription
GETRetrieves tenants for a particular property.
Use includeHistory=true to also get tenants who moved out in the past


EndPointHttp VerbDescription
GETRetrieves devices for a particular property.
Use IncludeHistory=true to also retrieve inactive devices (removed or replaced)

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